Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does it exist?

It's the timeless question. No, I'm not speaking about the possible existence of extraterrestrials. I'm questioning the existence of true love.

The concept of it is everywhere. It holds constant as the most popular idea behind films, country western songs, and dime store novels. But is it real?

Tonight after a lovely viewing of "Letters to Juliet", I started thinking. Don't worry people, I didn't suddenly believe in true love because of the smoke and mirrors of a romantic comedy. It's one of those questions that I occasionally pull out from time to time.

Is there someone out there that fits as the perfect match for you? And if so, what if you've already had them in your life and they're gone? Where does that leave you?

As for these questions, I don't have the answers or even have an idea of how this is relevant to a single female like me. But what I do know is that love is a mysterious and elusive force. At times you have to search for it and at other times you have to let it find you.

"Letters to Juliet" gave me a great idea, one that I had heard about before. Writing a letter to your future love (whoever they may be, and whether you have one or not). So enclosed is a short love letter to my future love, whoever he may be.

Dear love,
We may have already met, or our paths have yet to cross. What I know is that the wait for you has been an excruciating experience. While it is all preparation for our life together, it is a tiring journey. All I hope is that your time away from me will be shorter rather than longer. Just know I wait, though a tad impatiently, for you to find me. My heart has been trampled and patched back together. But I believe that your love will be the proper remedy. Please hurry, the wait is making me restless and ever-willing to be in your arms.
Your Impatient Love

I have now bared more of my soul than intended, but I suppose opening myself up is a good thing. How will I ever find love if I'm closed off to the world?