Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heartbreak and Healing

To say that the last month has been one of the most stressful of my life, would be accurate.  It was more stressful than waiting to get into college or turning in my thesis.  And damn, that was a long paper... But the recent events of my involvement at the Listening Ear (details available here) and media coverage have showed me a lot about people.

When I knew I had to approach the board, this came after attempts to silence me and belittle the feelings I experienced. This came from the realization I had unknowingly shared a shift with an offender.  To learn to the man sitting next to you violated someone the way you were violated is cataclysmic.  You begin to question every aspect of your safety.  Especially when you find out several people knew this information and chose not to tell the rest of staff.  For me, this meant that not only was my safety violated, but that of every volunteer who is also a survivor and every sexual assault survivor that was ever referred to the organization.  I had an anxiety attack at work, and even slept with a hammer under my pillow because I felt unsafe.  And that is a quite a lot to process.

Calling an immediate board meeting, I knew leaving was my only option.  I was certainly not going to stay to be bullied or berated.  Following in the footsteps of my amazing friend Andy, who discovered the offenders, I am choosing to share the speech I gave to the board on May 11th.

The reason I called this emergency meeting is that it was recently brought to my attention that there are three registered sex offenders volunteering here.  The moment I found out, I was shocked.  Shock quickly turned to disgust as I considered that I unknowingly shared a shift with a person who did to someone else what was done to me.  I felt dirty, abused, and sick to my stomach.  This turned to feeling completely violated as I learned others had known about this information, and that it hadn’t been brought before the board or the staff.  Every person has the right to make choices for their own safety, and withholding information that would allow those decisions to be made is unconscionable.  That is taking the power and control away from each person, similar to a sexual assault.

The first thing that was brought to my attention by those who disagree with me is the idea of confidentiality.  The sex offender registry is public information.  There is no confidentiality.  Any Ear, or citizen with an internet connection can find this information. The information is available to people for safety reasons, and for the Ear to withhold this information from its own staff is terrifying.  When I discussed this with our staff coordinator, he suggested I talk to the schedulers to make sure not to be scheduled with any of them.  This is a fair suggestion, but this option is unavailable for the rest of the staff who are unaware of the information. 

The next issue is liability. The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 protects an organization and its volunteers from many things.  But it does not cover willful conduct or criminal misconduct. Quote “Thus, if a claimant establishes that the volunteer’s act or omission constituted willful or criminal misconduct that was a proximate cause of damage or loss, then volunteers could be held personally liable for the damages caused to the third party.” End quote. Moreover, now that the board is aware, if anything were to happen and the information not disseminated to staff, the entire organization would be civilly liable. 

Being a criminal justice student particularly on this issue, I can now share some statistics. Statistically speaking, 64 to 96% of sexual assaults go unreported. Recidivism on sex offenders is not as high as people believe but when offenders reoffended it was statistically more likely to be an acquaintance than any other category of victim. Once victimized, a survivor is 7 times more likely to be raped or assaulted again.  With this information, having sex offenders on staff while trying to be a place that supports victims creates a breeding ground of risks.  I would never willing put a survivor in a room with the man who assaulted me, unless they were aware he was an offender.

I came to this organization to heal from my assault.  If I had known at any time that sex offenders would be welcome here, I would never have chosen to volunteer here. I find it hypocritical that the Ear claims to be a supporting place for survivors, but allows offenders to be here. Our own center manual says this, “Any form of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault on the part of individuals associated with the Listening Ear (staff and board members, other volunteers, and employees) will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are contrary to our mission of ending all forms of sexual violence against all people.” I suppose I interpret that differently than others do.  Imagine a scenario in which a walk in comes in looking for help dealing with the trauma of their past sexual assault, only to find their abuser is the one in the building? I never want to see the man who assaulted me ever again, and I know other survivors feel the same. 

Our staff coordinator went so far as to claim I was inciting a witch hunt.  Allow me to be clear, I do not want to ruin anyone’s lives. I am saying that based on their offenses, they should not be allowed to volunteer with this organization that claims to combat sexual violence.  Unless you decide to take that part of the organization out, it is hypocritical.  There are plenty of organizations to volunteer with, ones that do not claim to be a safe place for survivors.  This is not a job. This is not a loss of income.

The Ear is nothing but a trigger to me now.  I have not had a good night of sleep since Andy told me. I have intermittent eye twitches, and even had a panic attack at work.  I cannot bear to drive past the Ear or even enter the building, except to do this. Effective immediately, I resign from my position as board chair and from all other association with the Ear.  I am devastated that it has come to this.  I never would have dreamed in a million years that I wouldn’t be here forever.  But with the feelings of being unsafe and complete betrayal as well as my own moral and ethical obligation, I cannot continue a relationship with the Ear in any capacity. Since Andy was the one to inform me, I will now give the floor to him.

I am posting this on June 4th, and still no decision has been made.  The inaction of the Ear is slap in the face of the volunteers there, survivors everywhere, and the community. I know there are people in the organization that feel silenced from sharing because of the way leadership has handled the situation.  An organization that prides itself on sharing emotions is actually creating such an environment that their own volunteers don't feel comfortable sharing...

While this whole situation has been emotionally exhausting and stress inducing, there was good that came out of it.  First, that the community became aware and have showed amazing support to me and other survivors. After I take time to heal from this, I would gladly volunteer at any of these places. Second, I stood up for myself and didn't back down. This has not always been easy for me.  It took me a long time to feel strong and capable enough to share my story and who I am.  But often, you may not know the line in the sand is there until you cross it.  This was it.  I knew that I could not let this stand. And even as people belittled me or attempted to cover it up, I stood my ground. I never once doubted I made the right decision. Even as people I believed to be my friends turned on me. 

Lastly and most affirming part of this story is what I have learned about people close to me.  In offering their support, so many people in my life have shared their own stories with me.  To thank me for taking a stand and supporting survivors like them. If there was anything in the world that would prove to me that I made the right choice in any aspect, it is this.  

I will always fight for survivors.  After my assault, I made that my life mission.  To be the person that I didn't have.  The person who listens and offers support and help.  The person who tells you it isn't your fault and that you're not alone.  I will always be that person.  

"You don't have to think about doing the right thing. If you're for the right thing, then you do it without thinking." -Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Past of Loss, A Present of Hope

This week was an incredibly painful week for me.  I lost a friend, an organization I had dedicated two years of my life to, and people I had once believed were my friends.  It has shaken me more than I could have expected.  The loss of my relationship with the Listening Ear, I expected to deeply rock my life.  The loss of my friend Rosemary Myrick, I didn't expect.

Have you ever met someone who was so kind, they would give you the only five dollars they had if they knew you had none?  The kind of person who would do anything to make you smile?  The person who would go out of their way to make someone's life better?  That was Rose.  I worked with her for a while at a previous job.  She came in every day with a smile, a kind word, a loving gesture.  She brought out the best in people.  She brightened the world around her with her generosity and love.  One day, she saw a family of dogs that were left outside.  And as days went on, she would notice them outside, over and over.  The dogs were not well cared for, abused and alone.  She rescued them.  She found them homes.  She gave her love to all.  And this week, fate has ripped her away.  From her family, her fiancé, and her young daughter.

I will never understand the cruelty of the world.  That this power of fate, or whatever you will call it, takes the good ones.  The people who make the world a better place.  The people who change others for the better, and leave the world with the assholes.  The people who would destroy it.  Who spread hate and evil and spread toxic energy.  I know the world is unfair.  I am well aware of that.  But it hurts.  It hurts to know a beautiful soul is gone.  That a child will grow up without her mother.  It angers me.  It makes me fucking mad.  But I'm powerless.  I cannot bring her back.  I cannot change the fate of the world.  So I am left with this.

Also lost to me this week was my relationship with my volunteer organization.  I came to the place in spring of 2014 to heal myself, to process my assault, my depression and anxiety, and my drinking problem.  And I did heal.  I met people who I believed supported me and cared for my well being.  I became a trainer, worked as statistician, was a staff board member, became board chair, and went through sexual assault counselor training.  Since my assault, I have been very invested in learning more about sexual assault and helping others through the same trauma.  I believed with a program like SAC, the organization would be dedicated to combating sexual violence and making a safe space for all survivors.  I was wrong.

One of the people I became close to, who I helped train with, brought to my attention that there were three registered sex offenders volunteering there.  Then I found out that others in the organization had known and chose not to disseminate the information to the rest of staff on the basis of confidentiality. I felt sick.  I called an emergency board meeting to bring this to the board's attention and resign.  I said my piece, my friend said his, and we walked out.  We knew we would be unsupported and talked down to, and in the end, we were right.  An email was sent out the following night throwing us under the bus, completely misrepresenting everything we brought up and shaming us for not staying to talk about it.

I'm in utter shock that information like that would be kept from all of staff, particularly in an organization that attracts sexual assault survivors looking for a safe place to heal.  When I learned the information, I wanted to throw up.  I didn't have a good night of sleep for a week, intermittent eye twitches, and had a panic attack at work.  I even shared a shift with one of the offenders who did to someone else what was done to me.  How do you reconcile that with yourself?  With your own sense of safety?  It's utterly humiliating and violating.  But to others, that didn't matter.

I don't even know what else to say.  I feel so betrayed, by people I considered friends and mentors.  I felt violated by the presence of these individuals and the information being withheld.  I am so lucky to have the support of friends and family through this whole mess.  I have also had support from many present and former volunteers who are outraged at this situation.  It's nice to know that some people still have consciences.  But this loss, compounded with the loss of my friend, have been very difficult.

All I can do now is move forward.  I have hope.  I know the world is cruel.  But it is also beautiful.  Sometimes we put our faith in the wrong people.  Sometimes others will destroy your confidence, your safety, your light.  But it does not mean you should never trust again.  Because there are people worth your time.  People who will support you and be there for you in your darkest times.  Hold onto them.  Spend time with people who make your life feel worthwhile.  Take risks.  Go on adventures.  Trust people, and even if they let you down, know that you were the bigger person.  Spend time with people who make you laugh, smile.  Love people.  Tell them.  Be kind to everyone you meet.  Let your heart be kind.

Rose, you will be so missed.  But I promise to live my life more like you every day.  To be kind to people.  To love with my whole heart and share that with others.  You will live on in those who you leave behind, dearest Rose.

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." -Richard Puz

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hear Us Roar 2016

I had the honor to be invited to share my story at this event.  Hosted up at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, a group called Women for Women puts on this speak out every year.  Not only does the speak out raise awareness in the NMU community, it creates a safe space for survivors to share their stories.  I was surprised to be invited since I wasn't a current student or alum of NMU, but that's the amazing part of the event.  It doesn't matter whose story it is as long as it is being shared for the greater good.  I gleefully prepared for the 6 hour drive.

The drive up was boring.  Dead looking trees and slow speed limits.  I was getting tunnel vision which on the highway is particularly obnoxious/dangerous, so I started making lip sync videos.  I was wondering the whole time how emotional this would be for me.  I have written about my story.  I have talked about it in a room full of people I knew.  But I had never talked about it in a room full of strangers.  The performer in me was hoping to bring emotion to my performance.  The genuine nerves kicked that in just fine.

I finally got to meet all the amazing people I had been messaging with for months.  Coming from out of town, I missed all the practices.  So by the time I got up there, I hadn't actually performed it at all.  I figured me having a meltdown on stage would be more sincere *snort.* I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by hearing others share their stories.  You see people every day, and you imagine what their life is.  You imagine the person they are, and how they go about their day.  But you never imagine what horrors they have endured.  Unless you know.  Then, that often becomes the image by which you know them.  I met these amazing women (and one guy, but I already knew him) and I would never look at them somewhere else for the first time and think, "Yeah, I bet she's been raped." Because in the habit of projecting lives onto other people, we don't usually project the bad.  Or certainly that level of bad.

But in reality, the people you see every day are survivors.  They carry that with them.  Usually quietly, or shamefully, because of the society we live in.  Because that's what life is.  Every person I met on this trip has become part of my heart, because I heard their stories.  And I was there to be support for them as they shared it with the room.  And they were there as I shared mine.  The world won't won't change unless enough people stand up, raise their voices, and demand it.

This clip is the opening of Hear Us Roar 2016. It includes statistics and a poem about sexual violence.

This clip is the first half of my story.  It includes alcohol and sexual assault.

I'm so touched to have been able to share my story (especially without vomiting or passing out). I felt so supported by everyone involved, and I hope that they felt supported by me too.  I was honored to hear their stories and share in the moment with them.  I can't say that I'll always want to make the drive up to Marquette, but I hope this continues.  I hope it makes a difference, even if only the mind of one person that people suffer in silence and stigma every day.  The organization I volunteer with, the Listening Ear, is holding their own speak out April 28th.  If you're in the Lansing area and interested in attending, check out our Facebook page here.

Left to Right: Preston Hagerman, myself, Allie Kay, Kaitlyn Tramp, Taylor Blackmore, Liz Sommer, and Sarah Eggleston

Stigma: Love It, Hate It, Learn To Live With It

1. a mark of disgrace or infamy; a stain or reproach, as on one's reputation.

I didn't understand this idea until I was in college and saw the world around me, realizing that so much of my life that I've kept secret would be criticized by others.  While some struggles I have learned to be open about, others I have kept only to myself.  With April being sexual assault awareness month, I knew that I wanted to write about my assault.  While I have written about it before, there is always more to the psyche, particularly with my recent participation with Hear Us Roar 2016 at Northern Michigan University.  So allow me to delve into the depths of my life and tell you all about it.

I started struggling with depression when I was a kid, but didn't understand it.  I felt isolated and lonely most of my childhood, but I put on a brave face for everyone around me.  I had one friend that I was very close to, but felt completely alone besides her friendship.

During that time, I began to self harm.  I had a very elaborate and shamefully sneaky way to go about it.  I pricked myself with pins.  Very voodoo-esque. I would manipulate the pin under my skin to cause discomfort but drawing very little blood.  I would often use scissors to scrape and scratch my skin but not enough to leave a mark anyone could see.  Even into my adulthood, the compulsion to self harm would get very strong during a depressive episode.

The summer after 8th grade, I attempted suicide.  Knowing very little about medication, I didn't understand that in order to kill yourself, you had to take far more than the recommended dosage.  Not just 4 pills.  I always figured dying in my sleep would be the easiest way to go.  Just sleep and never wake up.  Well, I disappointingly did wake up.  After that, I tried to move on and let it go.  But after a week, I wanted to try again.  I held a large knife in my hands and rolled it over and over.  I wanted to die, but I also wanted to say goodbye.  I called my best friend at the time and told her.  She made me put the knife down and talked to me for hours.  She saved my life.

A lot of my depression was triggered at 11 when my mom and I were in a near fatal car accident.  Much like any major stressor, my body's chemistry shifted. While I had always been the skinny girl, I was now the chubby friend.  Putting on weight became easy and losing it very, very hard.  I couldn't help but feel ugly and think I would never be someone's first choice to love.  The struggling self esteem still continues its march with me on a daily basis, though at this point, I've beaten it back quite a bit.  However, the lack of self esteem manifested itself as a near eating disorder in early high school.  Knowing nothing about fitness, I believed that barely eating anything would make me skinny.  I would skip breakfast, eat salad for lunch, and often times skip dinner.  Many a night I would force myself to go to bed with a rumbling stomach because I believed it would burn more calories. This did not last very long though, because my depression didn't turn me away from food.  It led me to using food as a coping skill.  I would begin eating my feelings.  Which I sometimes still do, but in more healthy ways.

The self defeating behavior and self loathing continued through high school and into college.  Going through college I started working on loving myself.  It was hard.  When you've programmed yourself to hate seeing your face in the mirror and your inner monologue calls you a "fucking ugly cow" whenever you're naked, it's an uphill battle.  But I eventually believed that someone would be interested in me.  In fact, I decided to let loose.  To do something I would never do.  I went to a frat party and made out with a stranger.  Which ended up leading to a life changing event.  As he would be the same guy to sexually assault me while I was drunk a few days later.

The stigma of being a survivor was quickly brutal.  I learned very fast about rape myths and victim blaming.  And after that, I shut it away.  I put it deep inside me and didn't process it for a while because it was too much.  Once I decided to finally deal with the rape myths and the victim blaming, I frankly just got angry.  Fucking angry.  Angry that someone would tell me it was my fault for being drunk.  Angry that so many people are victims of sexual violence.  But mainly angry at myself for believing any of it.

It was around this time that the PTSD set in.  I would have nightmares or flashbacks.  I would often shake, cry, scream, or hyperventilate.  I could nearly rip out my hair.  It would feel like I was living it all over again, and no matter how many showers I took, I never felt clean.

Shortly after this, I relocated to Alabama.  I had a successful relationship and amazing friends, but that was all I had.  The bitch landlady who owned the house we lived in lied to all of us about her mortgage so she could overcharge her friends.  I was a stranger so she didn't even feel bad for doing it to me.  Truly proving the kind of person she is.  More about that here.  But slowly, everyone else moved out and it was just me and her.  Even with my amazing dog, I couldn't cope.  My relationship also ended and I began abusing alcohol.  I would drink three or four beers every night just to get to sleep.  Or straight chug whiskey.  Or vodka.  Anything to be able to sleep.  I started fairly lightweight, but that tolerance quickly built up. When I moved out of Hell Bama, I was able to get my relationship with alcohol under control, but it wasn't easy.

I worked on moving forward.  I joined an amazing organization, the Listening Ear, and learned how to deal with my emotions.  I learned I wasn't alone and that other people loved me.  I transitioned into a job I felt more passionate about.  Working with teen boys at Turning Point Youth Center was an experience I will never forget.  I got to be on the ground floor of the new Abuse/Neglect unit.  I got promoted to assistant group leader and developed amazing relationships with the kids there.  It unfortunately didn't last.

My relationship with my supervisor deteriorated.  I never felt good enough.  I felt that every move I made was scrutinized and that I never did anything right.  Walking on egg shells is paralyzing, and my anxiety reared itself.  I would start having panic attacks on a daily basis on the way to work.  I would shake, and cry, and hyperventilate.  Sometimes I had a friend there to talk me through the day and be support.  But the days without her were devastating.  Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore and I quit.  When working with teen boys isn't the most stressful part of your job, that's saying something.  So I willingly entered unemployment and job searching.

I had a short lived job, but the New Year would prove the end of it.  And the end of my second relationship. And for two and a half months, remaining optimistic seemed impossible.  Every time I came close to a break, something would fall through.  I spent days crying.  Isolated by my depression and anxiety.  In March, I got a lifeline and started a job in finance.  It's not my dream job by any means, but it pays well and I am massively enjoying it.

But even with my life on the upswing, it doesn't mean I don't have all this still.  It will always be with me.  A part of me.  And that doesn't mean I like it, but I live with it.  Because it's me.  These are my stigmas.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I Am a Feminist, Liberal, Hippy, Social Justice Warrior; And I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

With the upcoming election, my life has been inundated with political propaganda. Some I agree with, and others I do not.  My opinions on politics have shifted dramatically over the short life span I've accrued.  I was raised in a conservative, Republican environment and my political expression consisted of, "That's what they believe, so that's what I believe."  Once I got into college, I started realizing that I what I truly believe is in fact not what my family primarily believes. And that's okay.  I know they have their reasons for believing what they do, just as I have my reasons.  All I ask for is respect.  I do not want anyone to change me, or try to convince me that I'm misguided.  I'm not changing my mind.  So in the spirit of self disclosure, allow me to express what I believe.

Legalize Marijuana Use

If marijuana is completely legalized, you can tax it the same way you tax cigarettes.  This will bring in government revenue to be used for public programs.  Marijuana is less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, so let's gain a little perspective here.  It would also put less taxes into the correctional system which by the way, is where your money goes a lot of the time.

LGBT Rights

People love people. People are not all the same. Why is this difficult? Everyone deserves to feel safe in the world and in their own skin.  Figuring out who you are is a difficult process anyway.  But when people spew hatred and vitriol, you can feel isolated and scared.  Newsflash: someone who is trans has already used the same bathroom as you.  Guess what? You're fine. Newsflash: you've interacted with someone who is homosexual. And I'm guessing you're fine.  So let them be fine too.

Women's Rights

This is something that will never change for me. First, the idea that life begins at the moment of conception is a religious belief.  Which means, it has no business governing politics. Separation of Church and State. It's a thing, shockingly enough.  Second, for the government to enforce their belief means it has more autonomy over my body than I do. Which is akin to rape. Taking control of my body away from me, is what a rapist does.  Lastly, I was sexually assaulted.  I was lucky I wasn't raped. But if I had been, and I had gotten pregnant, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have gotten an abortion. I have rights over my body. When raped, that is taken away. Telling a woman who has gotten pregnant from rape that she has to keep that reminder for 9 months is heinous. I respect any woman brave enough to carry a child of rape. You are stronger than I can even imagine. But no woman should be forced to do so. I can shorten this argument quite easily: No Uterus, No Opinion.  Unless you've got the materials, keep your mouth shut about mine. I'm equal to you.  We're all equal. So can we legislate to make sure women are actually treated as equals?


America is the great melting pot.  Or now at least, it's the great melting pot for the white people who usurped the Native Americans, but no one else.  Especially not brown people.  What makes America great is the collection of people and ideas and cultures that make us well rounded and informed.  If you don't want that, you are free to leave and usurp someone else somewhere and make your own walled in country.  I hear Siberia has lots of space.  Lady Liberty still stands, with welcome arms.  That's why people want to come here.

Respecting the Earth

It is truly mind boggling that people don't believe in global warming when we can quite literally see from photographs that ice is melting and ocean levels are rising.  Earth's resources are finite.  Conserve energy. Recycle. Don't have five fucking cars. Take a bus. Walk. Bike.  Do what you know you can do to make a difference.  It may be small.  It may be fucking minute. But it's a difference.  If everyone in the world made a minute difference, think of what we could actually achieve.  If animals raised for slaughter were actually treated like living beings and respected?  If food wasn't pumped full of chemicals? If we all actually gave a damn about the planet that we continue to suck dry of resources and fill the air with chemicals? What if everyone just cared?

Money Stuff

Did you know, that when a person has more money, they spend more?! Quite insanely logical, right?!  So this whole notion that raising the minimum wage will cripple the economy is utter and complete horseshit.  A person who makes more money can afford their bills and have money to spend on other shit, which stimulates the economy. I don't understand why this is so fucking hard to comprehend.  If you're going to spend thousands of dollars a year eating McDonalds, the person flipping your damn burger deserves to be able to feed their own family.  Just because a person is poor doesn't mean they are a welfare junkie sucking the life force from your tax teat.  Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they were born into poverty? Is that their fault? Is it their parents' fault? What about theirs? Or theirs? Here's the thing: an unequal system perpetuates inequality.  You have to fix the system and continue to help people along the way.  Everyone pays for everyone else in this country.  My tax dollars go to the roads you drive on, and vice versa.  Stop bitching about your money sucking welfare "queens."  It goes more towards corporations than anything else.

So you might be wondering why I've put this together.  Why I am putting my views out there so plainly?  Really, because this is the first election I have felt confident in what I believe.  I've grown into who I am and what I believe, and I refuse to apologize for it. If you're going to post retorts, don't bother.  I'm not changing my mind and I'm certainly not going to stoop to arguing. Accept me for who I am, or walk away. That's it.  I'm a feminist, liberal, hippy, social justice warrior. And I wouldn't fucking change it for anything.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Superhero Smackdown

Spoiler Warning: Daredevil and Jessica Jones will be discussed in depth. If you have not seen all of the episodes, you might not want to proceed. If you have or simply don't give a damn, by all means, continue on friend.

Marvel has been blowing it out of the water lately, especially where Netflix is concerned. I'm completely pumped for the release of Civil War, but until then I will content myself with the amazing superhero stories provided for streaming. Daredevil made some serious waves, particularly for its violence. Then Jessica Jones hit the air and I was amazed at its ability to accurately portray the emotions that can follow rape. While some characters in Jessica Jones were directly raped, there is also the rape of their mind in the complete lack of control when being taken over by mind control. 

In any case, both shows are kick-ass (ha, another superhero) and I couldn't wait to do another comparison post. I have with me today my awesome ex-coworker Randy who is big comic book fan and Preston, another ex-coworker, to be our tie breaker. And now, let's smackdown!

Ass Kicking Superhero
Matt Murdock aka Daredevil vs. Jessica Jones

Randy: Matt Murdock lost his father to crime, was trained as a warrior, spends his days taking on criminals in the light as a lawyer, and spends his night brutally beating criminals in the dark as Daredevil. Matt’s entire motivation is that he sees crime as a plague that he needs to eradicate. But he struggles with how far must he go to achieve that goal.

Jessica Jones is a hard drinking, hard hitting, private investigator who takes nobody’s crap. She’s so tough she’d make John Wayne bake her a cake out of fear. Jessica’s complexity comes from the fact that all of that hard edged persona is an armor that hides a person who needs to be redeemed, but on her own terms. She was a victim to a powerful sadist who made her do terrible things that victimized other people. Jessica will do whatever it takes to save people from that fate and in doing so, can move past the things she was made to do before.

If the idea was “who is the stronger character” I’d have to side with Jessica because she has a truckload more trauma than Matt and faces a more powerful enemy. But Matt represents more of what I envision as a superhero. He’s selfless, he fights overwhelming odds as one man with no powers or special equipment, he turned his weakness into his greatest strength, and he ends up with a pretty awesome costume and a secret identity. But the strongest contrast is that Matt constantly wrestles with the question “Does the ends justify the means?” He knows that murdering criminals would mean “no more criminals;” but he knows that would make him what he hates and strives to do the right thing even when it is the hard thing. Jessica wrestles with the “Should I kill him?” question as well; but not as hard or as often as Matt and ultimately, she does justify those means.

Matt Murdock

Alex: Matt Murdock as Daredevil did hit the scene first, and he hit it hard. Hardcore. I mean, the guy is blind and he can eliminate people no problem. That is pretty superhero worthy. He had an unfortunate accident while young, but he trained like a boss to be able to fight. And he's got a great heart to boot. Now Jessica Jones is all sorts of something else. She also had an accident while younger, but she doesn't train for ass kicking. She's just a brawler. A super strong brawler, but still a brawler. I admire her tenacity and strength to not only be mentally controlled by a man but to also be raped, and come out of it and decimate him.

Verdict: I got to give the edge to Matt Murdock.  While I freaking love Jessica Jones and would go to war with her, she didn't train and dedicate herself to honing her skills the way Daredevil did.  But I do like her costume better...bourbon soaked tees with jeans and a leather jacket? Yes, please.


Best Friend aka Wannabe Sidekick
Foggy Nelson vs. Trish Walker

Randy: Foggy is Matt’s college roommate, law partner, and best friend. They are like peas in a pod… or avocados of law… I forget which. The point is that Foggy is a good friend and on his own merit is a good man. Most of what we see from Foggy in the series is related to Karen, but he still has his vital part to play with Matt.

Trish is Jessica’s once reluctant foster sister and later becomes Jessica’s greatest friend. Trish and Jessica watch out for each other but they are also 100% real with each other. Not afraid to call out each other’s bad decisions or backhanded comments; which there are an abundance of both between them. But when push comes to shove, they got each other’s backs.

Foggy and Trish are both great best friends to have, but I have to give the win to Trish. Jessica and Trish are open with each other about everything, especially Jessica’s powers and her time with Kilgrave. Foggy had to learn about Matt’s vigilantism the hard way and though he keeps it secret, he is not happy about it and trailers from Season 2 show that trend continuing. Trish argues with Jessica to allow her to help, trains in hand-to-hand combat to defend herself, and ultimately takes experimental drugs to give herself temporary super strength to protect Jessica when she was wounded. Also, in the comics she becomes the hero Hellcat and no avocado can compete with that.

Verdict: Trish Walker

Alex: Foggy is adorable, I mean c'mon...his name is Foggy. And he is a good friend and good person, but he gets kind of beefy with Matty boy. I mean, Matt is going on and trying to do good and Foggy is kind of an ass about it. He does attempt to keep Matt from getting in over his head, it just doesn't work. 

Trish Walker does not immediately get along with Jessica, but once Jessica proves her might against Trish's abusive mother the two are thick as thieves. Until Kilgrave that is. But Trish does everything to bridge the gap, and by connecting dots one can assume she might become a superhero in her own right. By the name of Hellcat. Now if that isn't a bad bitch, I don't know who is?

Verdict: Trish Walker. She isn't just there for Jessica through it all, but she actually can completely become a legit sidekick.


Secretary of the Year
Karen Page vs. Malcolm Ducasse

Randy: Karen starts as a client to Matt and Foggy then becomes a literal secretary. She buys office equipment, albeit crappy obsolete office equipment. But she also is integral to the case against Fisk. She chases leads, questions people for information, and does what is necessary to put Fisk away.

Malcolm is a bit more complicated. He seems like Jessica’s drug addled neighbor, but is revealed to be spying on her for Kilgrave. Kilgrave mind controlled Malcolm and got him addicted to drugs to keep him chained to his services. Malcolm was able to break free from that because of Jessica and then he tries to help her. Malcolm starts a support group for Kilgrave victims, helps get rid of a body planted by Kilgrave in Jessica’s apartment, and supports Jessica to keep fighting.

Karen and Malcolm both have debts to repay and also are victims who don’t want others to be put in their situations. The key difference between them is that Malcolm honestly tries to do the right thing, but it often ends up backfiring on him and making things harder for Jess. Such as getting the annoying neighbor Robyn involved, which leads to Kilgrave gaining a bunch of victims to give him an edge over Jessica. Karen… she straight up shot Wesley to death to avoid those type of problems. You go, Karen! I sincerely hope you don’t sell out Matt to the Kingpin for drugs like you did in the comics.

Verdict: Karen Page

Alex: Karen Page is another innocent caught up the in the shitty situation of Hell's Kitchen and Fisk's enterprises.  When she's found by Matt and Foggy, she's given a chance and is actually a very successful secretary.  But her presence is most likely going to cause some heartbreak and tension between the two best friends.

Malcolm isn't actually a secretary.  He gets addicted to drugs by Kilgrave's influence in order to get dirt on Jessica.  But, he does exhibit some tremendous courage in that regard.  He is mind controlled by Kilgrave to get addicted to drugs, but once the mind control is up he chooses to kick the habit. He has a brief moment of doubt about trying to help Jessica, purely because he doesn't have super strength and it doesn't appear that she wants him. But he does stick around and is seen answering her phone at the end of the episodes as people want super help. Jessica may not want him, but she needs him.
I'm picking Malcolm, because I'm all for survivor stories and beating the odds.

Verdict: Malcolm Ducasse

Tie-Breaker: Okay. Karen Page is the better secretary for the following reasons. First off, she proved herself competent enough to warrant attempts on her life. She demonstrated not only an intellectual threat to Fisk-n-friends but a physical one as well, seeing as she was the one who murdered Fisk’s right-hand/best-friend.  
Malcolm is inferior in this regard not only because he’s a junkie and recipient of mind-control but because he poses no actual threat to anyone. In fact, the only reason he’s targeted at all is because Kilgrave wants to hurt Jessica Jones anyway he can.


Love Interest Extraordinaire
Claire Temple vs. Luke Cage

Randy: Claire patches Matt up, keeps his secrets even in the face of torture and death, and sometimes finds herself sharing a kiss or two with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Claire is strong and unwavering, but still fragile. She openly feels fear for the repercussions that Matt may face for his actions and she doesn’t hide that it is difficult for her to be with him romantically while he runs on rooftops and dodges bullets. But she still makes herself available to Matt when he needs medical assistance… which is quite often.

Luke Cage is a complex love interest. He seems cool and collected, eventually reveals that he has super strength and impenetrable skin. He goes so far to tell Jessica that she can’t hurt him because he is “unbreakable.” But the more we learn about Luke the more we see that he is vulnerable. Sure bullets and broken bottles can’t hurt him but loss and betrayal cuts to the heart. He feels both of those things because of Jessica. Kilgrave made her kill Luke’s wife and she begins a relationship with him without telling him the truth. Luke’s arc doesn’t fully get resolved in Jessica Jones, but we know that Luke’s own series begins this fall. The only thing we have until then is Jessica cuddling up to an injured and unconscious Cage saying that he is the only person she can see herself with.

Because the arc between Luke isn’t over I have to give the edge to him. Claire and Matt’s relationship seems to only be one of a platonic nature going forward, even if it is also wrought with regret and sexual tension. Plus Matt’s old flame Elektra is a part of Season 2 and I feel that is going to be the more prevailing relationship on that show. Claire deserves to be with someone who is going to take her feeling into account. Cage and Jones have more to tell and more to grow on. Plus in the comics, Jones and Cage eventually get married and have an adorable daughter. Who doesn’t want to see that?!

Verdict: Luke Cage

Alex: Claire Temple is played by Rosario Dawson.  I would switch teams in a heart beat if she asked me to come join her in bed.  She's gorgeous.  As Claire, she's a nurturing nurse who sticks around to help patch up Matt.  Which proves she's also a fighter.  But as a normal woman, it is hard to run with the fighters.  She has the attitude, no doubt about it. But with the soon to be around addition of Elektra, I sense Claire might be pushed aside.

Luke Cage...oh, the things I would do with him if I had the chance.  The man is indestructible.  Well nearly.  During sex, he and Jessica break a bed.  They break...a bed... If that isn't the hottest thing ever, I don't know what is.  I have to give an edge to Luke because I know his story with Jessica isn't over yet.  Unless the show decides to completely ignore the source material, Jessica and Luke will definitely be seeing more of each other and I desperately hope that means more of Luke without a shirt on...Mhmmm...

Verdict: Luke Cage


Evilest Villain Around
Wilson Fisk vs. Kilgrave

Randy: I have to preface this by saying that this is the hardest decision to make for me. Both villains are extremely evil and not in a mindless, “want to see the world burn” kind of way. But in a way that is thoughtful and is the direct byproduct of childhood trauma and the need to no longer feel helpless. But I think they are both very different villains and for that I have to decide which type of villain is more evil than the other.

Fisk is a man with almost unlimited power. He has money and influence, he has numerous partnerships and allies, but most of all he has charisma. He can empower and inspire some and make others tremble with fear. He can make you feel that you are a valued asset mere seconds before he counts you as a loss and disposes of you. But more so than any of that, is that he feels that he is not a villain. He is simply doing what is necessary in his viewpoint to make Hell’s Kitchen better. Sometimes the worst villain is the one that thinks themselves the hero.

Kilgrave’s power is more limited in the strength of its reach but more potent in the power of it’s influence. Kilgrave can make anyone, do anything… and he does, often. Kilgrave’s motivations are not grandiose in scope or nature. He is actually rather small time in comparison. He simply wants what he wants and he takes it. No bargaining, no intimidation, no shady dealings… just takes it. I think the most villainous thing about Kilgrave is that he has no regard for anyone or anything other than himself; but even further, he doesn’t understand why Jessica or anyone else thinks that is wrong. He, like Fisk, doesn’t think himself the villain; but he, unlike Fisk, doesn’t have a seemingly noble goal and doesn’t even think that the individual things he does is wrong on any level.

So what is worse? The guy who is a monster for no purpose and doesn’t know it; or the guy who is a monster and knows it, but tries to justify it? Personally, I think the latter. Fisk knows that he does bad things. He knows he kills people and that he perpetuates violence but sees it as a necessary evil to reach his goal. He actively and knowingly participates in evil and finds it justified. Kilgrave does worse things in comparison and is overall scarier in scope; but the lack of a moral compass makes him more broken than evil.

Verdict: Wilson Fisk

Alex: So here in this category, we are comparing two father killers.  Quite literally.  Both are responsible for the deaths of their fathers.  In pretty ugly and vicious ways too.  Both are pretty terrifying to me, but for very different reasons.

Fisk is terrifying to me because he believes that everything he is doing is for the greater good.  He believes he is the change Hell’s Kitchen needs to become great.  So viciously threatening or killing people is just part of the process to him.  And he’s really good at being vicious.

On the other hand, Kilgrave is scarier to me.  Truly and completely terrifying because of what his powers are.  I’m a survivor of sexual assault and part being raped or assaulted is having your control completely taken away.  That is what Kilgrave does when he mind controls someone.  Not only that, while women are under his mind control, he forces himself upon them.  So he mentally and psychically rapes them.  And he sees nothing wrong with this.  He genuinely believes Jessica wanted to have sex with him while and after being under his mind control.  He doesn’t believe she might have felt coerced into participating for her own safety.  And that is why he is scarier to me.  Because he rapes and feels no remorse over it.

Verdict: Kilgrave

Tie-Breaker: Kilgrave’s parents indicated that he was born sociopathic—which is to say that he is merely a product of nature and can’t fully control his power and inner darkness.

Fisk on the other hand was created as a product of society (nurture) and chooses to make his own decisions since he’s not influenced by supernatural factors. He did chop a man’s head off with a car door just because his dinner was interrupted.

As a side note an interesting comparison between these two villains is that they both murdered their fathers. However, in terms of who is more evil I have to give this one to Fisk for the sole reason of choice.

Certain concessions I will make for the reverse is that while he majority of Fisk’s crimes are somehow related to his vision of a better society, Kilgrave’s crimes are because he likes to hurt people. However, Kilgrave did once (if only once) use his powers for good. I can’t remember if the same can ever be said for Fisk.


Evil on the Fringe
James Wesley vs. Jeri Hogarth

Randy: James Wesley is Fisk’s right hand man and closest friend. He speaks on Fisk’s behalf to other criminal heads, he threatens informants and lackeys when they become a liability, and he is the only person who reciprocates the importance of the love that Fisk has for Vanessa. Wesley is actually a pretty great friend, even if he and his friend are awful people. Wesley is even willing to get his hands dirty himself just to spare Fisk the trouble of doing so, even if that might not have been his smartest move…

Jeri Hogarth (who is actually a man in the comics, btw) is interesting. She is cold and calculated. Her number one priority is her career and wealth. When we see that she is willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to keep from going through a divorce that will bankrupt her; we realize that Jeri is ruthless and unwilling to count her loses. She allows a psychopath like Kilgrave to be free just so she can gain something, which ultimately ended up costing her much more.

I have to give this one to Jeri. Wesley may be an awful person who is willing to kill, threaten, and bribe anyone he needs to. But he ultimately does so for Fisk. His boss and his friend. His evil comes from a devotion to another person. Jeri, however, is a cheater, a liar, and willing to employ evil and dangerous people just to get what she wants. Her greatest remorse from the whole ordeal is that Pam will have nothing to do with her afterwards. Not the people who Kilgrave killed after she set him loose and not the death of her wife at the hands of Pam, who was trying to protect Jeri; but the fact that she lost that which she wanted.

Verdict: Jeri Hogarth

Alex: Boy, these shows are fraught with some sketchy people.  Though not the villains, James Wesley and Jeri Hogarth are pretty bad in their own ways.  Everything Wesley does, he does in honor of Fisk.  Whether it is threatening partners to keep them in line or killing lesser issues, he does it all for his best bud Fisk.  It ultimately bites him in the ass cause you know, he gets all deaded. 

Jeri is actually male in the comic books, which makes me wonder if the show would have taken the same route if they had kept the gender the same.  She’s a lawyer, which means by nature, she needs to be pretty ruthless.  But this bitch takes it to a whole other level.  She cheats on her wife with her secretary, asks for a divorce, takes her girlfriend to the restaurant where she proposed to her wife, asks her girlfriend to marry her before the divorce is even finalized, and then threatens her wife because she’s taking too long signing the papers.  She promises to help Kilgrave, which she does and which also bites her in the ass because he mind controls Wendy the wife into slicing the shit out of her.  The girlfriend comes to the rescue and kills wifey, because there was no other way to stop her.  So Jeri doesn’t get any of the blame.

Wesley does what he does for his boss and friend.  Jeri don’t give no shits for anyone but herself.

Verdict: Jeri Hogarth


Good Guy Caught in the Crossfire
Ben Urich vs. Officer Clemons

Randy: Ben Urich is a great character. The guy selflessly throws himself into dangerous situations all for the truth behind the story. He helps Karen even when she has little to go on. He gives info to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen even when he is reportedly a dangerous criminal. He even lies to Fisk’s face about Karen’s involvement just to save her from his wrath, paying the ultimate price himself. That death cut me pretty deep, because even in the comics Urich is a prominent figure for both Daredevil and Spider-Man; now he is gone...

Officer Clemons was a surprising twist. The guy is a good cop and all he wanted to do was help catch a dangerous criminal. We unfortunately didn’t know a whole lot about him, just that he was someone that Jessica actually respected; which is amazing since she doesn’t really respect anyone. His death at the hands of Officer Simpson (known in the comics as the supervillain, Nuke) was incredibly shocking and sudden.

As much as I love Ben Urich, I have to give the nod to Officer Clemons. Not only for the level of shock around his death, but also the fact that unlike Clemons, Urich knew exactly what he was getting into. He knew Fisk would be after him because he spent his life pissing off criminals with his editorials. Urich’s death was tragic, but it was not unexpected. Clemons’s death was totally unexpected and came at the hands of someone you thought to be an ally, even if he seemed to be an unstable one.

Verdict: Officer Clemons

Alex: You can never have enough good guys, except maybe in a comic book show where they become fodder for the story.  In Ben’s case, he is already putting pieces together and gets dragged into the drama.  Ben is trying to make the most for his wife, which is such a devastating story.  But once he realizes the magnitude of the situation, he continues.  So he isn’t really caught in the crossfire so much.  He willingly puts himself in the way of Fisk and his desire to murder people to get his way.

Officer Clemons on the other hand, gets truly caught in the crossfire.  Jessica is determined to get him to understand that Hope is innocent.  He doesn’t want anything to do with the situation for the longest time.  Eventually he comes around to it and his reward?  Getting his face melted off.  But that douche bag Will.  All Clemons wanted was justice.  I hope he comes back and haunts Will.

I’m picking Officer Clemons, because he really didn’t understand the magnitude of what he was getting into when he decided to listen to what Jessica had to say.  And he got set on fire as a result.

Verdict: Officer Clemons


Hottie Love Interest of Someone Else
Vanessa Marianna vs. Pam

Randy: Vanessa Marianna is charming, eloquent, and seductive. It takes little effort to see why a man like Fisk would become infatuated with her. The moments where she talks about art, especially with Matt Murdock where she describes a painting to a blind man, is indicative of her poise. But behind that poise is someone who has no trouble with the fact that her man is a murdering psychopath with overwhelming rage issues. Bet you won’t find that in her profile.

Pam, who apparently is not fit to have a last name, is Jeri’s secretary and mistress. She is outspoken, stands up for herself, and genuinely seems to love Jeri. She, however, is totally cool with breaking up someone’s marriage and puts some pressure on Jeri to get that done. Too bad for Jeri that when Pam goes to jail for bashing her wife’s head between a flower vase and a glass table there isn’t much spark left in the relationship.

If this was solely a “who do I think is hotter?” question, the answer is Pam. All day. Everyday. Pam… Pam. BUT, I don’t think Pam is a good love interest. She places pressure on her lover to break up her marriage and then becomes shocked and appalled at the lengths she was willing to go to do that. Yes, that whole situation was Jeri’s fault, but Pam definitely made that situation tougher than needed. Vanessa loves Fisk after he blows up buildings, smashes brains in with a car door, and throws people down elevator shafts. Ah, murder is so romantic.

Verdict: Vanessa Marianna

Alex: On the one hand, we have Vanessa.  She is cultured, smart, and sophisticated.  As well as being gorgeous.  She knows there is more to Fisk than meets the eye.  But she does deal with and tolerate his murdering habits, which isn’t necessarily a good perspective to have.  But whatever works for her, I suppose.  She’s certainly smart enough to be able to engage her own psyche in some kind of detachment from his decisions.  Love is complicated, y’all.

On the other hand, we have Pam.  She’s not just gorgeous.  She’s fucking hot.  I don’t know who her stylist is on the show, but I want every single dress she wears.  Because if they can accent her cleavage that nicely, it should work well for my own girls.  But she’s not really a good person.  She is the mistress and pushes Jeri to file for divorce.  I just don’t understand people who cheat.  If you are unhappy, end your relationship. Talk to your partner.  Why the need to fuck someone else on the sly?  If you free yourself from your unhappy relationship, you can fuck them not on the sly.  Or maybe at people’s cores, they enjoy lying to people. I don’t know.  Her redeeming moment is saving Jeri and taking the fall for the situation.  But it just isn’t enough.

Verdict: Vanessa Marianna


Innocent Caught in the Crossfire
Elena Cardenas vs. Hope Schlottman

Randy: Elena Cardenas was a sweet old woman who just wanted to stay in her home. She had to deal with brutes defacing her home, slum lords threatening to sue her, and then bombs going off nearby. That poor woman went through Hell just keep her home and just when you think she would get what she fought for and justice would prevail, she gets killed. Awesome...

Hope Schlottman was an innocent college student from a small town who came to New York full of dreams and hope for the future. Then she met Kilgrave and he took that all away. He forced her into all of the terrible situations that he forced Jessica into, then made her kill her parents. Hope was arrested and charged for that murder. Though it took most of the season, Jessica was able to eventually get Hope out of jail and on the road to rebuilding her life. Then Kilgrave got his hands on her again and she killed herself in an attempt to motivate Jessica to do what was necessary to end Kilgrave once and for all.

This is depressing and almost a little reminiscent of Sophie’s Choice. Both options are terrible and depressing with no way to feel good about the results. But I have to go with Hope Schlottman, just because of the sheer volume of things that she had to go through was unbearable, but then she had no hope felt after it was all done. She didn’t even want to be released from prison, she felt her life was over. The fact that she was beaten down that much by Kilgrave just makes her "win" by default. Even though I was more upset about Elena because I enjoyed her more as a character,; Elena was not mentally suggested into doing terrible things, become impregnated by the evil guy who did bad things to you, and then ultimately decide that life was not worth living anymore. Sorry, Elena… you got it pretty easy by comparison.

Verdict: Hope Schlottman

Alex: This category has no winners.  Seriously.  It’s picking between a shitty situation and an even shittier situation.  First, we have Elena Cardenas.  She’s just a poor, old woman trying to fix and keep her home.  She helps lay the groundwork for Foggy and Karen.  Which then gets totally blown up.  By a literal bomb.  Then when you think Elena will get her justice…she gets deaded instead.

Second, we have Hope Schlottman.  A college student who came to New York trying to follow her dreams gets all sorts of fucked up.  She gets mind controlled and raped.  Then she gets rescued, but then gets mind controlled into killing her parents and arrested for the crime.  The rape results in a pregnancy, and painful abortion.  She’s able to get out, but it’s not like Kilgrave will leave her alone.  What kind of happy life can Hope have going forward?  She sees none in sight and kills herself to give Jessica motivation to end Kilgrave for good.

Hope has no hope.  She’s my pick because what should have been a chance at opportunity and dreams instead resulted in her rape, the murder of her parents, jail time, unplanned pregnancy, and suicide. Just UGH all over the place.

Verdict: Hope Schlottman


Upcoming Character
Frank Castle aka the Punisher vs. the Elusive IGH Corporation

Randy: Frank Castle is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel universe. He lives in a world with gods, mutants, super soldiers, and aliens. Most would feel powerless in that kind of world but Frank Castle has something that many of them don't have; conviction and a helluva lot of bullets. Castle runs around New York brutally murdering criminals without a second thought with a skull painted on his body armor, calling himself the Punisher. The trailers for Season 2 show a man who is willing to do what Daredevil won't in stopping bad guys; he's willing to put them in the ground.

IGH is an enigma and we got merely enough of a taste in Season 1 of Jessica Jones to be intrigued. They have ties to Simpson/Nuke and the drugs that turn him into a super strong maniac and they also seem to have ties with the accident that gave Jessica her super strength. I am hoping that Season 2 will explore that relationship further and perhaps with Kilgrave's remains and the research that extended his powers, we will see something truly nefarious from them next season.

As much as the possibilities for IGH can make me feel excited, I can also see the possibility of being let down since we know nothing in regards to Jessica Jones season 2. But with all the things we see from Season 2 of Daredevil and even the glimpses of Jon Bernthal's portrayal of Punisher from the trailers has me beyond pumped for his character.

Verdict: Frank Castle

Alex: Everyone loves a good story about vengeance.  Enter Frank Castle.  This guy goes full force to bring a sense of justice to the victims and little guys. I mean, on the one hand, we have due process for a reason.  But on the other hand, fuck those guys.  I’m all for having a day in court, but I’m also all for serving actual justice.  Something the courts often get wrong.  He’s complex and bad-ass.  He’s Batman without a mask or morals.

IGH has been on the fringes throughout the first season, and we were left with just a tease of what could be to come.  The thing with corporations being involved in superhero business is that you can’t always know the extent of what they are involved in.  Much like HYDRA, corporations have many arms and can reach about doing all sorts of nefarious shit.

But my pick is Frank.  I can’t wait to see Daredevil deal with a guy who gives no fucks about serving his form of justice.  Jon Bernthal is going to be boss as hell.

Verdict: Frank Castle



I think the fact that the shows remain tied is all the proof we need to show how amazing and epic these shows are.  I know Randy likes Daredevil better, and I like Jessica Jones better.  But we both enjoy both.  Marvel is on point with their Netflix shows, and I know I can speak for myself and possibly Randy and Preston, that I cannot wait to see what they put out next.  I can see some great crossover with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.  I’m torn on the Iron Fist casting, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’ve always been a Marvel over DC fan, and it continues to be true.

However, if you can’t pick between Marvel and DC, you don’t have to!  With my new art piece, you can have the best of both worlds.  Check out my Etsy for more information!