Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to Change

As most females, eventually I come to point, usually a few months at a time, where I need to change my hair. For my birthday in April, I got it hacked short. Whoo go me! I really love my haircut. But now, sadly, I've grown out the color I used to have and am back to my natural hair color. I think my hair color is nice, it's very diverse. But I'm ready for something different. Thus I call on the inter-verse for guidance.

I'm going to provide three hair colors and I want people to vote. That's all I ask of the people who read this. Ok, here's the options.

1) Excellence to go, Dark Brown, #4
2) Feria, French Roast, #45
3) Excellence Creme, Dark Auburn, 4R

So there you go. Cast your votes. Let me know which color you think will be best on me and my mug :)