Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Cup of Coffee

I'm starting my morning with a nice mug full of steaming hot deliciousness (i.e. coffee) and I realize that this is my second cup of coffee. Or is it? And I suddenly pondered, when someone says they have two cups of coffee, do they mean two mugs or the measurement of two cups? Because I make four cups worth, but it fits in two and a half mug-fuls. So when someone says "cups" now, I immediately ask myself in my head which one they mean. And I decided this was a worthy blog topic. Drink on, fellow coffee lovers!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Screw With

After seeing the epically, mind-blowing film Inception (twice), I decided that I should create a list of why, to me, this movie is awesome. But don't worry, it's spoiler free!

1) The cast

This movie is chock full of amazing actors that make a great, cohesive unit. Leo does well as a the protagonist (tortured soul is second nature for him). Marion Cotillard scared the crap out of me. Tortured is also a great description of her performance. Stand out for me was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Holy smokes, that kid from Angels in the Outfield grew up GOOD. His snappy quips and even snappier outfits added some nice depth (and hotness) to the film. Ellen Page was charming, though slightly arrogant at times. Tom Hardy was a vision of sarcasm and a foreign accent. Everyone did a fantastic job.

2) The action

From jumping time, to chase scenes, to the premise of the movie itself; action is never missing. I don't want to give away too much of the film so I'll cut this section short, but anyway, dull is one word that cannot describe this movie or its characters.

3) the final reason I love (yet also dislike this movie) is that it messes with your mind in a really BIG way

You cannot think about this movie too much. You will lose your mind and end up in a padded room, donning a straight jacket. It invades your mind (much the way the movie describes, haha Nolan) and it doesn't leave. So enjoy the movie, but yeah, don't think about it too much. You'll gather an obsession with an unspecified object (can't give away the trade secret).

So that is what I have to say for this film. Which pretty much echoes what everyone else is saying, except people who have no taste in movies. Whatever you do, don't trust those people, they're probably artsy-fartsy.

Anyhow, I will leave you now, with this parting thought....what defines your reality?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I feel so un-GLEE-ful

Glee ended it's season on Tuesday, and like other Gleeks around the globe, I tearfully said goodbye until this fall. But I'm not quite ready to let go of my Glee love for the summer. EW released the top ten countdown of best Glee moments. Since I disagreed with some of them, I decided to release a list of my own.

10) Bad Romance
I love GaGa. The performance of BR was fantastic and embodied Lady GaGa fully by the eccentric costume worship. As much as I was in love with Bad Romance, I was completely underwhelmed by Poker Face. But that's ok. One superbly performed GaGa number is better than no GaGa at all.

9) Vogue
Is Sue a pain in the ass? Yes. Is Madonna awesome? Yes. Did the strange combination of the two create a masterpiece? Damn straight.

8) Single Ladies
Who would have ever thought that Beyonce plus football would be such a killer and hilarious mix? Seeing men in giant pads flounce around had me in fits of laughter. Even though I'm not a fan of the song, I enjoyed its spot on the show.

7) Like a Virgin
The mash up of the three different couples preparing to do the horizontal salsa had me giggling yet strangely turned on, which was a weird feeling. It left you wondering who would end up doing the nasty....and then they told you. And it was disappointing.

6) Don't Stop Believing
It's the song that made us fall in love with weird kids who can sing. It made us want to be one of them. Or realize we were already one of them. Also, Journey shot back onto everyone's radar.

5) Sweet Caroline
Puck crooning. SWOON.

4) Journey Mash up
More Journey featured, yes please! Perfect return to the humble beginnings. Plus my fave Journey song was featured in the mash up.

3) NPH singing Dream On
There is nothing more to say.

2) Dream a Little Dream/Safety Dance/Dancing with Myself/Proud Mary....ok, anything heavily featuring Arty

I love Arty. Every song where he is the main singer has delighted me. He needs more solos. Because I love him, and he's awesome.

And the number one is........

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Will singing. Hot. Will playing Uk. Hot. It was all good.

So there's what I have to say about Glee. I will be trying to maintain my sanity for the summer by watching reruns on Thursday night. I'm currently watching it now, and I've gotten my mom hooked. Win. Gleek on!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Inner Fangirl needs some air....

So usually my inner fangirl stays pretty well locked up, but since the Eclipse soundtrack was released today (also my friend's b-day, so shout out to being able to booze up), I decided that the fangirl needed to come out for a little bit and breathe.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am a fan of Twilight. I am however, not the kind of fangirl who makes tribute videos, imposes my image with members of the film franchise to seem like we're dating, or actually consider the writing good. I am a fan in the sense that I enjoy the books as a pleasure read and nothing more. I don't think Stephenie Meyer's books will become classics (on the contrary, I tend to critique her grammar constantly). So if your tendency to lump fangirl with the automatic notion of being crazy, leave this page. I have no tolerance for people who generalize and stereotype. If however you would like to hear an honest critique of the franchise and books, please, read on friends.

The soundtrack was released today and my expectations were high. The Twilight soundtrack was decent. The New Moon soundtrack left me wanting more, but the songs that I did like were very good. So what was to come from this one?

There was one song that I really just don't like and one song that I don't like part of, but the rest of the songs I am inclined to enjoy. The song I didn't like was the pre-released "Neutron Star Collision" by Muse. This severely disappointed me. I am a huge Muse fan, so the fact that their song was so bad really sucks. Their songs on the last two have always been favorites of mine. And now, so disappointed. The other song, the one I will say I'm on the fence about, is "The Line" by Battles. The intro was great, but midway into the song I just couldn't keep with it. But I am very glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the cd. I feel that the songs fit well with the tone of the movie. Standouts were "Atlas" by Fanfarlo and "Chop and Change" by the Black Keys. Now, onto the film.

I am very, very excited for this film. More so with any other because "Eclipse" is my favorite book of the series. That being said, my expectations are pretty high. More than that reason alone. David Slade is directing. I absolutely loved Hard Candy. Though it is a completely twisted and messed up story, it is an unbelievably well made film. His cinematography is outstanding. So I am intrigued as to how he will take this film. I couldn't stand what Hardwicke did with Twilight and I think Weitz got part of it right with New Moon (better than Hardwicke anyway). So Mr. Slade, what are you going to offer?

Side bar, I'm currently rereading "The Host" (the adult work of Meyer). I enjoy this story better because....I'm not sure. Part of it is that I think the human interaction and emotions are far more believable than in "Twilight" and the idea of intelligent life being out there seems far more plausible. I'm glad it is a fast read like her others because I've already counted a few sentences that end in a preposition. Come on, editors. Are you napping on the job? Seriously. Also, Stephenie. Learn some grammar would you?

So that's the end of my fangirl release. She's getting locked back up until the film comes out. Go and be free, friends. Be smart. Be awesome. But above all, be yourself (and that means letting the inner fan out every once in a while).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does it exist?

It's the timeless question. No, I'm not speaking about the possible existence of extraterrestrials. I'm questioning the existence of true love.

The concept of it is everywhere. It holds constant as the most popular idea behind films, country western songs, and dime store novels. But is it real?

Tonight after a lovely viewing of "Letters to Juliet", I started thinking. Don't worry people, I didn't suddenly believe in true love because of the smoke and mirrors of a romantic comedy. It's one of those questions that I occasionally pull out from time to time.

Is there someone out there that fits as the perfect match for you? And if so, what if you've already had them in your life and they're gone? Where does that leave you?

As for these questions, I don't have the answers or even have an idea of how this is relevant to a single female like me. But what I do know is that love is a mysterious and elusive force. At times you have to search for it and at other times you have to let it find you.

"Letters to Juliet" gave me a great idea, one that I had heard about before. Writing a letter to your future love (whoever they may be, and whether you have one or not). So enclosed is a short love letter to my future love, whoever he may be.

Dear love,
We may have already met, or our paths have yet to cross. What I know is that the wait for you has been an excruciating experience. While it is all preparation for our life together, it is a tiring journey. All I hope is that your time away from me will be shorter rather than longer. Just know I wait, though a tad impatiently, for you to find me. My heart has been trampled and patched back together. But I believe that your love will be the proper remedy. Please hurry, the wait is making me restless and ever-willing to be in your arms.
Your Impatient Love

I have now bared more of my soul than intended, but I suppose opening myself up is a good thing. How will I ever find love if I'm closed off to the world?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The PJ Conundrum

It's late, you've tucked yourself, and you have changed into comfortable pants. And suddenly, your phone rings. Your friend calls, the gang is gathering at a local bar for drinks and good times.

What to do?

This is the pajama conundrum. You are torn, between hanging out with the group or spending the evening comfortable in pj's. But that is not the only trouble of the pj conundrum.

If, like myself, you enjoy spending the afternoon in your pj's, this will inhibit you from attending class. As it has affected me on more than one occasion.

So I offer up this warning to any would-be pj middle of the day changers....DON"T DO IT. Don't change into pajamas if you are sure that you can easily stay in for the night. And this is my wise notion of the day.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So there's this guy...

The title of this blog is basically the quintessential start to any juicy female/female conversation, only in this case, it is me (female) and cyberspace (or anyone that chooses to read this).

I have a crush on a guy, and if this were romantic novel terms, he'd be called "dreamboat". Yep, he's a cutie. Thus begins my epic problem. I am shy as hell.

On the scale of shy, the top being bashful and the bottom being can't speak to an attractive male or start stuttering, I'm somewhere between the two. Probably closer to the bottom.

I cannot start a conversation with a guy that I think is cute without it being awkward and weird. If he starts the conversation, I can usually get into some kind of groove and keep conversation going for a little while without it being weird, but inevitably it does get weird and the conversation drops.

So, the whole point of this (which is not to complain, by the way) is to ask for any kind of advice. I'm basically sending a plea out into the ether and seeing what comes back. I want to get to know him better without asking the wrong questions or sharing too much random information (another thing I tend to do around guys I like). So if there is any advice that you the reader would like to share, by all means do so. I may or may not take said advice but you can pat yourself on the back for trying to do a good thing for someone else.

I'm going to go sleep now and try to forget that I'm sending my problems out into cyberspace, because I'm a little embarrassed. But my want to get over my shyness is greater than my pride..........he's that adorable.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

About Me....'Cause You Know You Want to Know

Ok, so I realized today that I haven’t really shared much about myself on my blog. So why not share some stuff now. (in no order of importance)

I’m a love child that is an only child at my mom’s house but the oldest of four at my dad’s.
I adore cats and dogs, but if I ultimately had to pick one or the other…I’d pick dogs.
My favorite pizza toppings would be black olives, mushrooms, bacon, and sausage.
I disliked my name for years but finally started liking it when I got into college.
My favorite Journey song is “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin.’”
I have a knack for saying inappropriate things at the inappropriate times.
My favorite color is blue.
My eyes are hazel and I’m naturally a dark brunette.
I like art without being pretentious.
I hate the state I’m from, it’s too damn cold.
My friends are the family I got to pick, but I still love my family (the ones I got stuck with).
I am petrified of snakes.
The way to my heart is dark chocolate covered strawberries.
Bob Dylan is my healing music.
My favorite novel is a tie between ‘Shutter Island’ by Dennis Lehane and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll.
I cannot pick a top movie, and I probably couldn’t even narrow a top ten (that’s how much I watch movies).
If I could learn any language just for fun, I’d learn Russian.
A hot cup of tea can compliment any of my moods.
My favorite alcohol is Green Apple Smirnoff Ice (damn you Mere for introducing us).
My inner monologues have been known to last quite a while.
I have déjà vu frequently….twice so far this week.

Ok, so I think I’ve given you a glimpse into me and my head. Any questions….just ask. I just might give you an answer.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Power of a Good Book

So I'm up late, dodging the sleepiness and avoiding the stack of homework at my feet. I realized that I spend a decent majority of my time reading. These days, it's the dull and monotonous routine of school books. But occasionally, when I can crack open a book that doesn't revolve around classes, I'm ecstatic. So, in my sleepy state (though unwilling to climb up into bed) I thought I would compile a short list of books that I've enjoyed reading because they offer a great way of escaping reality (aka the boring crap you HAVE to do).

Oh and these books are just numbered, no particular order of favoritism.

#1: Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane (soon to be a major motion picture *girly gasp*)

The time period of the 50's is vividly portrayed in what one would consider a cop drama. Though tv is working this angle tirelessly, the previous time period gives the book a kick. The added psycho facility factor leaves you feeling a little bit twingy as you finish each chapter. Like twist endings? Pick this up, you won't be disappointed. My thrill at finding out Scorsese was directing this fantastic piece of literature into cinematic wonder was palpitating. I feel an Oscar coming on...

#2: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

Yeah ok, I'm a nerd. I've read the Hobbit at least as many times as fingers on my two hands and I own the LOTR books as well, but if you want to escape into a fantasy, this book is perfect. Even if you're not a nerd and don't really quite dig fantasy, everyone should read this book before they die. Tolkien is artist with words and if you can tolerate watching the LOTR movies, read this book.

#3: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Guys, here's a lesson for you: if you read this and can manage a conversation with a female about this book, you have an extremely high chance of getting lucky. This is seen as the quintessential romance by females everywhere. The story of boy meets girl, boy is rude to girl, girl doesn't like boy, and the entangling dramatic love story that unfolds captures women by the heart. So boys, if you want to capture us too, pick this up and give it a read. And don't Spark Notes it, we'll be able to tell.

#4: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig

History? Check. Espionage? Check. Romance? Check. Need I say more? This outstanding series throws the reader into the Napoleonic Wars and into both a game of espionage and a game of love. It's what I like to call a classy romance novel. This is not the trashy stuff, it will have you breathing heavily while maintaining elegant prose. Advice for couples: read aloud to each other and you'll set yourselves up for a great ending. Singles? You'll enjoy it, and probably end up having a thing for caped crusaders.

#5: The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut (currently reading, when I have time)

Vonnegut is awesome. If you're the kind of person that likes dark satire and extensive vocabulary, plus don't mind space and time bending, Vonnegut will knock your socks off. One of my favorite aspects of Vonnegut is the way he intertwines characters, places, etc. throughout his works. He was a master of the pen and I can say with certainty, if I was ever acquainted with a genie who said I could pick five people alive or dead to have dinner with, Kurt Vonnegut would make that list.

So, in reality, I could easily keep going. I love books. You can escape to whatever time period you want and even if it only lasts a while, you did something enjoyable and worked on expanding your mind. But, I'm tired and my bed is calling me. I leave with this parting note: read when you can, it will relieve the tension from all that work reading, and if you don't read, you should start. Because if I have to face you down for a job, my vocab will probably kick your ass.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The question that keeps me awake at night....except not really.

It has been a while, but I felt the need to resurrect the blog, as it were. And my topic for coming back will make you shrug, shake your head, or even make you question life as you know it. That's right folks, I'm addressing the question everyone has thought about before, the question you're dying to know the answer to, and the question you won't admit to others you've thought about.......

Is Kevin Spacey gay?

Ok, so you probably thought I was going to get all deep about meaning of life or the end of the world, right? Nope, I don't care about either of those things. I care about which team K-Pax plays for. Kevin Spacey of Pay it Forward, The Usual Suspects, and American Beauty fame is notoriously hard to read on whether he prefers skirts or slacks. He hasn't made any direct comments to support either argument (that I know of) and finding him in pictures with a male or female in close contact is AMAZINGLY difficult (unless it is with a co-star). So I'm forming a plan to try and find the answer, but I cannot reveal the plan as it could compromise my security. Just know, I'm on it, and even if my plan fails miserably, my guess is that he will reveal it on his death bed (hopefully we'll all be alive, or those of us that care will be). When I know something, you'll know something, capeesh?

But post if you want to hear my theory.......yeah, I have a theory.

In the meantime, don't worry your pretty little heads over it. So while I go work on my super special awesome scheme, you should go think about the important things in corn dogs.