Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strip, Strip, Say What?

While driving home from work one morning, I was listening to a local morning show called Gravy in the Morning (ooh, Gravy). The debate of the morning was between the male anchor Gravy and the female anchor Ellen about the idea of strip clubs. Apparently, a new club was opened in the area which catered to female clientele, basically the opposite of a typical, guy-appealed strip club. Ellen was arguing the point that it's ok for her to go to a strip club but that her "man" couldn't because, and this is the part I doubt, she didn't trust the women not to do anything.

Ok, so the issues here is trust. She said repeatedly that she had trust for the guy to be fine but that the female strippers would cross the line. So why wouldn't she trust her guy then to stop if the stripper went too far? Which also, btw, is not supposed to be allowed, though more money will often get strippers to break the rule.

So basically, in the most respectful way I can put this, she's being quite hypocritical. Because if you trust your man, why can't he go? You should trust that if anything happens he'll stop the situation. And if he cheats on you, he's not worth it. And what if her significant other said that he felt uncomfortable with her going because he didn't trust the men? Would she say "Ok, honey. I understand." or would she say "What? No, that's unfair." Obviously, I don't know what she would do in that situation. But the whole thing still seems hypocritical.

So here's my position on it: sure, my man can go to the strip club and get his engine revved, as long as he parks the car in my garage. And if he did cheat, he would be in a world of pain.

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