Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vlog Post!

I finally took a leap forward and made a video post! I'm hoping I stick with it and obviously looking for ideas for posts!

The basis of the video was a survey done by Hank and John Green on their Vlogbrothers page in the first year of Brotherhood 2.0.  Below the video is the questions, so feel free to answer in response! Enjoy me talking for eleven minutes!

1. Your name?
2. Your Web page?
3 What have you been up to this past year (please be as detailed as possible, because we actually want to know)?
4 How much longer do you think you’ll be doing what you’re doing?
5 Why are you doing it?
6 What do you want to be doing?
7 What’s next in your life?
8 How You Doin’?
9 What’s the best book you read this year?
10 Describe a perfect day?
11 Assuming that all things come to an end…how do you think humans will go extinct?
12 How are you feeling about kids these days?
13 (- In this space, compose your own question, and answer it -)
14 Ambrozzo tastes better than anything else, what does ambrozzo taste like?
15 If you were a cliché, what cliché would you be?
16 What is your least favorite part of any given day?
17 Do you enjoy science fiction?
18 Cheese or Chocolate?
19 Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
20 What was your first concert?
21 If you could start a business that would be instantly successful, what kind of business would it be?
22 Invisibility or Time Travel?
23 What’s wrong with the world?
 If you found this survey amusing, I highly recommend checking out Vlogbrothers. They're smart and funny. Go Nerdfighters!

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