Saturday, March 20, 2010

The PJ Conundrum

It's late, you've tucked yourself, and you have changed into comfortable pants. And suddenly, your phone rings. Your friend calls, the gang is gathering at a local bar for drinks and good times.

What to do?

This is the pajama conundrum. You are torn, between hanging out with the group or spending the evening comfortable in pj's. But that is not the only trouble of the pj conundrum.

If, like myself, you enjoy spending the afternoon in your pj's, this will inhibit you from attending class. As it has affected me on more than one occasion.

So I offer up this warning to any would-be pj middle of the day changers....DON"T DO IT. Don't change into pajamas if you are sure that you can easily stay in for the night. And this is my wise notion of the day.

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