Thursday, March 18, 2010

So there's this guy...

The title of this blog is basically the quintessential start to any juicy female/female conversation, only in this case, it is me (female) and cyberspace (or anyone that chooses to read this).

I have a crush on a guy, and if this were romantic novel terms, he'd be called "dreamboat". Yep, he's a cutie. Thus begins my epic problem. I am shy as hell.

On the scale of shy, the top being bashful and the bottom being can't speak to an attractive male or start stuttering, I'm somewhere between the two. Probably closer to the bottom.

I cannot start a conversation with a guy that I think is cute without it being awkward and weird. If he starts the conversation, I can usually get into some kind of groove and keep conversation going for a little while without it being weird, but inevitably it does get weird and the conversation drops.

So, the whole point of this (which is not to complain, by the way) is to ask for any kind of advice. I'm basically sending a plea out into the ether and seeing what comes back. I want to get to know him better without asking the wrong questions or sharing too much random information (another thing I tend to do around guys I like). So if there is any advice that you the reader would like to share, by all means do so. I may or may not take said advice but you can pat yourself on the back for trying to do a good thing for someone else.

I'm going to go sleep now and try to forget that I'm sending my problems out into cyberspace, because I'm a little embarrassed. But my want to get over my shyness is greater than my pride..........he's that adorable.

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Mike said...

I have to toss in my 2 cents on this one. From personal experience, in high school and for some time afterwards, I had a friend that I was VERY interested in. We spent a lot of time together, but I was too shy and I never said anything. I always waited for the right moment, but it never came. We renewed our friendship about a year ago and, due to my personal situation, the subject of relationships came up. During one discourse, I mentioned how much I liked her during our school years. A long, pregnant pause came, and she said "I had the BIGGEST crush on you then, but I was too shy to say anything".

Carpe Diem is the best advice I can give you in this situation. Just come right out and tell him you are interested. If he is interested, it should be the impetus he needs to kick start things. If he never thought about you in a romantic way before, it will make him start. No matter what happens, it will help you learn about the dynamics of relationships. I learned long ago that "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is a truism like no other, when it comes to affairs of the heart.