Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Inner Fangirl needs some air....

So usually my inner fangirl stays pretty well locked up, but since the Eclipse soundtrack was released today (also my friend's b-day, so shout out to being able to booze up), I decided that the fangirl needed to come out for a little bit and breathe.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am a fan of Twilight. I am however, not the kind of fangirl who makes tribute videos, imposes my image with members of the film franchise to seem like we're dating, or actually consider the writing good. I am a fan in the sense that I enjoy the books as a pleasure read and nothing more. I don't think Stephenie Meyer's books will become classics (on the contrary, I tend to critique her grammar constantly). So if your tendency to lump fangirl with the automatic notion of being crazy, leave this page. I have no tolerance for people who generalize and stereotype. If however you would like to hear an honest critique of the franchise and books, please, read on friends.

The soundtrack was released today and my expectations were high. The Twilight soundtrack was decent. The New Moon soundtrack left me wanting more, but the songs that I did like were very good. So what was to come from this one?

There was one song that I really just don't like and one song that I don't like part of, but the rest of the songs I am inclined to enjoy. The song I didn't like was the pre-released "Neutron Star Collision" by Muse. This severely disappointed me. I am a huge Muse fan, so the fact that their song was so bad really sucks. Their songs on the last two have always been favorites of mine. And now, so disappointed. The other song, the one I will say I'm on the fence about, is "The Line" by Battles. The intro was great, but midway into the song I just couldn't keep with it. But I am very glad to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the cd. I feel that the songs fit well with the tone of the movie. Standouts were "Atlas" by Fanfarlo and "Chop and Change" by the Black Keys. Now, onto the film.

I am very, very excited for this film. More so with any other because "Eclipse" is my favorite book of the series. That being said, my expectations are pretty high. More than that reason alone. David Slade is directing. I absolutely loved Hard Candy. Though it is a completely twisted and messed up story, it is an unbelievably well made film. His cinematography is outstanding. So I am intrigued as to how he will take this film. I couldn't stand what Hardwicke did with Twilight and I think Weitz got part of it right with New Moon (better than Hardwicke anyway). So Mr. Slade, what are you going to offer?

Side bar, I'm currently rereading "The Host" (the adult work of Meyer). I enjoy this story better because....I'm not sure. Part of it is that I think the human interaction and emotions are far more believable than in "Twilight" and the idea of intelligent life being out there seems far more plausible. I'm glad it is a fast read like her others because I've already counted a few sentences that end in a preposition. Come on, editors. Are you napping on the job? Seriously. Also, Stephenie. Learn some grammar would you?

So that's the end of my fangirl release. She's getting locked back up until the film comes out. Go and be free, friends. Be smart. Be awesome. But above all, be yourself (and that means letting the inner fan out every once in a while).

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