Saturday, March 21, 2015

February Pink Carnation Book Club

Tardy again, but I'm working on getting back to pace. This month is the Masque of the Black Tulip. Which might be my favorite of the series. The book focuses on Miles Dorrington and Henrietta Selwick as they discover they have more than friendship between them.

Theo James and Lily Collins are the main characters Miles Dorrington and Henrietta Selwick. Several characters repeat from the Secret History of the Pink Carnation. This includes Eloise and Colin, played by Anna Kendrick and Christopher Egan. The rest of the cast can be seen in my post about the Secret History here.

As for new cast, here's the line up!

Joan Plowden-Plugge: Lucy Punch

Colin's neighbor has him in her sights but she senses some possible competition in Eloise. Well not if she has anything to say about it...

Charlotte Lansdowne: Emma Watson

One of Henrietta's best friends, the quiet and gentle Charlotte is at times the logical portion of the group. Though she's shy, Charlotte is quite capable of being her own heroine.

Penelope Deveraux: Rose Leslie

She's Hen's other best friend and is as fiery in personality as she is on the top of her head. Penelope needs her other two friends to keep her from doing anything hasty which is a full time job for Henrietta and Charlotte.

Dowager Duchess: Phyllis Logan

Charlotte's grandmother has a wary eye over her granddaughter as well as all the young bucks trying to win her hand. She's as formidable as a dragon, and would make good friends with Miss Gwen.

Marquise de Montval: Rose Byrne

This strange and exotic woman blows in from France and causes a disruption for Hen. Her interest in Miles creates friction and there is clearly something she's hiding and Hen wants to know what.

Turnip Fitzhugh: Alfred Nugent

Turnip knows the boys from school but he's not exactly one of them.  However he dabbles in fashion so he comes in the cross-hairs when someone is trying to track down the Pink Carnation.

Lord Sebastian Vaughn: Rufus Sewell

One of the elite, elder gentlemen in London society, Vaughn's quick turn of phrase can come off predatory to some.  In fact, Miles isn't keen on how Vaughn seems to be eyeing Hen...

Well here's my cast for my favorite Pink Carnation novel! Tune in soon for the next installment! That is if I can get my butt on top of things...........*sigh*

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