Thursday, April 2, 2015

26 Things About Me

In honor of my 26th birthday, I want to share 26 items about me. Some that have already been shared, some that haven't. Some that are important, and some that are trivial.  But really, it's all me.

1. Dark chocolate strawberries are my dessert weakness.  Seriously, if you buy me these, I will love you forever...well maybe not forever, but a very long time!

2. My eyes are hazel.  I used to find my eyes annoying; I wanted to have brown eyes. But once I mastered the use of make-up (go me), I realized the amazing quality of hazel eyes to change tones and now I love my eyes.

3. I'm a sexual assault survivor. I've been able to use what happened to me to empower myself to help others and dedicate my studies to learning how I can make a difference. And now it's my passion.

4. I'm a virgin. Yep, I know.  Not something most people would brag about, but I'm still pretty pleased.  Sure I haven't experienced the wonder that is sex (I watch movies, I know how great it is) but I also have no regrets about who has been in between my sheets...

5. I wish instead of buying drinks, guys could offer to buy me books. *sigh* A bookworm can dream...

6. I adopted a dog in August of 2013 from a friend, and it was the best decision I've ever made.  Having my sweet girl Tasha to come home to every day is such a relief. A happy dog means a happy owner.

7. I work with teen boys.  Some days, I love my job.  Some days, I don't.  But I wouldn't take back the experience for anything. Punches and all...

8. I'm considering going back to school for my PhD.  And possibly studying abroad in England...and on that note...

9. I would run away to London forever if I could. I would willingly start the next expat movement and be the happiest person ever.

10. I love reading and even though I have to shove/stack/precariously balance my books (approx. 400) on my shelves, I will never stop buying books.

11. I think crossword puzzles are fun and would sit and do them all day if I could.

12. I dream of being a published novelist who helps people through their difficult times with my words.  I don't want to be the next JK Rowling, but I want to have an affect on someone the way she affected me.

13. Coffee is my life force.  Tea relaxes me.

14. I played 7 years of basketball, 8 years of softball, 1 year of volleyball, 2 years of cheerleading, and 2 years of soccer as a youth. But I didn't fit in with any of the jocks.

15. I tried to kill myself when I was 13, and I'm grateful that I failed.

16. I wish I didn't need so much sleep, because I do way too much and don't have enough hours in the day. But I will procrastinate things in order to get more sleep, especially if I didn't get a good night of sleep.

17. I used to hate my name. Especially since I went by the shortened version of my name, Alex, which kids teased me saying was a boy's name. Once I got to college, I enjoyed hearing professors call me Alexandra and I started using my full name in all professional instances.

18. I wanted to move to L.A. when I was 18 to become an actress, but was told it was more important to have a degree to fall back on, so I went to college. I became so passionate about studying Criminal Justice that I never studied acting again.

19. My favorite color is blue. Any shade.

20. My least favorite food in the entire world is tapioca. Ick.

21. Blush pink peonies are my favorite flower.

22. I have a fascination with abandoned places.  The more festive and populated the place is supposed to be the better.  I went through an abandoned mini golf course and thought it was just the coolest thing.

23. I have one tattoo, the original artwork for the Cheshire Cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I have designed my second one which I would like to get this summer.

24. Working at Barnes & Noble has been my favorite job of all the ones I've had. Particularly because of the discount...good times...

25. I'm going through a small quarter-life crisis since I moved back home last year.  Being in your mid 20s and living at home with a parent can be great but also disheartening at times because I still really can't afford my entire life on what I make now...

26. But I'm incredibly optimistic about what I could have in front of me for my future. If only I take one foot at a time.

Alright, that is 26 facts about me in honor of my 26th birthday. I hope to have a great birthday and hope that everyone has a Merry Un-birthday :)

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Tiffiney said...

Hey Alex I know a few of those facts. LOL Sorry I missed your birthday glad your doing well.