Sunday, April 5, 2015

March Pink Carnation Book Club

Behind again, I know. But I'm hoping now that I'm caught up with the reading aspect, the posts will be more timely. For this post, I address the third book of the series The Deception of the Emerald Ring. The hero of this story is the previously known Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe, played by my choice Eddie Redmayne.

The viscount is in love with the cool, detached Mary Alsworthy. So when she agrees to run away with him and get married, he's over the moon. But after a tiny mishap, Mary's sister Letty appears in his carriage (scantily clad) and he is forced to marry her to save the family's respect. But when assignment draws him to Ireland to investigate, his new Mrs. decides to tag along. Can Geoff reconcile and find love with his new bride?

Letty Alsworthy: Lily Cole

Younger sister to the hit of society, Letty is used to playing second fiddle and she doesn't completely hate it.  But when she senses her sister is about to run off into the night, she attempts to save her family's reputation.  It doesn't exactly go that way.  Determined to fix things with her new hubby, she chases after him to Ireland and gets caught up in his spying ways.  What will become of the relationship and can she survive the espionage lifestyle?

Mary Alsworthy: Michelle Dockery

Mary has been in society too long, and the marriage offers just aren't coming in the way they used to.  So when the viscount says he'll whisk her away, who is she to say no?  But once the snafu happens, Mary is again out in the cold.  Can this debutante find love?  Hint: yes!

Jasper Pinchingdale: Rupert Friend

Geoff's cousin is a gambler, a lecher, and quite jealous of his more successful relative.  He'll do anything to get what he believes he deserves.  Including seduction...and attempted murder...

Robert Emmet: Allen Leech

The Irishman is up to no good in Dublin, something about a rebellion.  It's up to Geoff to go investigate, along with Jane and Gwen and apparently his wife.  Can they team up to stop a French/Irish alignment?

Returning Cast
Eloise Kelly: Anna Kendrick
Colin Selwick: Christopher Egan
Serena Selwick: Imogen Poots
Miles Dorrington: Theo James
Henrietta Selwick: Lily Collins
Jane Wooliston: Natalie Dormer
Gwendolyn Meadows: Emma Thompson
Sebastian Vaughn: Rufus Sewell
Marquise de Montval: Rose Byrne

For pictures of cast and more info about the characters, see January and February's posts!  Tune in for April's post coming soon, The Seduction of the Crimson Rose.

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