Sunday, December 1, 2013

Book Club: November

For November, I continued the Olympia Heights series by Amy Strickland.  The second book is The Weight of the World and the third book is The Blood of Athens.  While I finished the second book a while ago, I finished the third book last night and I am anxiously waiting for the fourth book because the third left a teaser for us.  Which is just RUDE. Anyway...I wanted to get this actually posted during November. Womp womp.

From Olympia Heights Website

The Weight of the World takes place six months after the culmination of the first book.  The focus of the novel is the upgrading of powers for the gods, and Devon (Aphrodite) doing what she normally does (being sexually promiscuous obviously) and getting pregnant with Frank (Ares).  As she and the group deal with the oncoming birth, strange things start happening around town including a giant ladle falling from the sky and two bears attacking Diana (Artemis) and her new boyfriend. Emotional tensions are running high in the group since Nick (Poseidon) is seducing girls from Valerie’s (Hestia) abstinence club.  Now that June (Hera) and Zach (Zeus) are on the outs, he’s been spending time with Minnie (Athena), which doesn’t go over well with June.  And on top of all that, someone is catching their behavior in the act and publishing it online.  Drama and hijinks ensue, forcing the club to figure out how to work better as a team.

From Olympia Heights Website

The Blood of Athens starts up with part of the Pantheon preparing for a trip to Greece, which to them is a much bigger deal than the other students.  The trip takes a turn for the tragic when dead bodies start cropping up through the country.  While part of the Pantheon is trying to enjoy the homeland, the other part back home is dealing with its own issues.  Zach and June make some interesting choices, and the mortal ally Jason has someone making threats that could unravel the group, whose powers are still advancing.

More information about the author Amy Strickland can be found here at the Olympia Heights website and at her blog here.  Hopefully next month’s book club will be both a book and movie review as I take on a Catching Fire comparison!

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