Sunday, December 29, 2013

Resolutions 2014; AKA How I Plan to Fail in the New Year

It’s that time of year again.  Everyone looks into gym memberships.  Buys new organizational tools.  A new schedule and calendar for keeping track of things.  Yes, it’s almost the new year.  And like everyone else, I’ve set myself with some resolutions for the next year.


1. Physical Health

Part A: I would like to lose ten pounds by my birthday. Since my birthday is the 2nd of April, that gives me three months to lose it. So averaging 3.5 pounds a month is the key, which is incredibly doable.

Part B: I’m going to try and workout more regularly. I’ve set myself to this in the past, but never stuck with it.  So I’m starting off small. Once a week.  Twice if I want to be REALLY optimistic.  Whether it is walking Tasha or doing my yoga workout video, something will be done at least once a week.

Part C: Drink less.  This resolution part kind of sucks, because alcohol is really delicious and I just got a ton of it from Christmas.  But since alcohol is essentially drinking all your calories, if I want to ease up on the caloric intake, cutting the alcohol would be a good start.

2. Financial Situation

I’m currently working two jobs.  And while I’m in a good place right now, I work almost every single day, which is incredibly exhausting.  So I need to find something else.  For my own sanity and immune system, which is gonna hit its limit soon.  I’ve decided that I will send ten resumes or fill out ten applications a week.  Then the next week, not only will I fill out ten more, but I’ll also check up on the previous ten.  I want to work in my field, and DAGNABIT, I’ll make it happen.

3: Personal Growth

Part A: I want to have a novel finished and prepped for shopping publishing at the end of the year.  If it happens prior to the end of the year, I’d be ok with that.  But the end of the year is my deadline for writing.

Part B: Even though I have limited time, I want to spend more of it with friends I don’t see very often. I’m hoping I’ll be able to start scheduling Sunday Doctor Who viewings with my friend Karen who wants to watch it.  In general, there are people in my life I want to communicate with more, so I want to make an effort to do that.

So there you go, my resolutions in all their parts for my new self in the new year of 2014.  Essentially, I better drink up fast to get rid of that alcohol before the 1st. And I need more hours in a day, so I can sleep and still get stuff done.  Best of luck to everyone else in their new year endeavours!

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