Monday, December 30, 2013

The Good, The Bad, & The Annoying: Christmas 2013

So this Christmas was a bit of a whirlwind.  I was only on vacation for six days.  Two of travel, and four actually at home.  It turned into seven days, but more on that in a moment.  I hadn’t been home in a year; the previous Christmas trip was longer and more leisurely.  But here’s what happened this year.

The Good: Seeing People

I got to see so many people I wanted to, although not all of them. The first day back I got to work with Kali on our screenplay.  Which is gonna be awesome sauce by the way.  Look about for something in the next five years. Then was Platte family Christmas so I got to see my KSNRLS Justene and Dani (which was very exciting, but I'm not going into detail on that).  And all my cousins.  The following night my darling Rachel spent the night since her house was still sans power from the storm.  And we worked on a puzzle, because we’re super freaking cool like that.  Then on Christmas Eve, I got lunch with my biffle for riffle Meredith, before I headed to my dad’s for their Christmas festivities.  I got to see my stepmom’s family for a bit before they jettisoned off for church.  Then my auntie Dawn and I got to chat for a long while and then some.  Then I went back to my mom’s Christmas Day and worked more on the puzzle before leaving the next morning. Holy busy, Batman!

The Bad: Weather

From the very beginning, weather doomed our trip.  Well traffic getting out of Birmingham doomed us first. But through Kentucky and Indiana (which is the suckiest state ever btw) we had rain on and off.  Not drizzle rain. Fierce wind and gale rain.  Then once we hit the Michigan state line, and I swear it started right at the state line, we had intense fog.  So we’re dealing with the fog and then we get off the highway and the road is icy. Deceptively icy.  And anyone who has ever driven in this will understand.  The icy is so thin that the road looks clear, but it’s actually incredibly slick.  So is was pretty nerve wracking for poor Colette, who was driving at this point. Well then, the first night actual night of the trip we got hit with a lovely ice storm.  Here’s some photographic evidence.  It was nasty.  Some of my plans had to get canceled.

This is our front yard after the first day of the storm. It would proceed to get much worse.

Our Driveway. Needless to say, we didn't get to use our vehicles that day.

The Annoying: Illness

Sadly, the Pollitt family was passing around the flu.  It was only a few hours into the drive back that Colette got sick.  And a few hours later when I felt weak in the stomach.  She did really well through the tip. Didn’t get any vomit on my car!  We luckily had some plastic bags so all the sick was contained.  But it was rough going.  We were both very relieved to get home.  I slept 12 hours and only woke up once.  I was super weak the next day and didn’t work, thus making my vacation a week.  But I would have been ok without that last day.

That was my Christmas trip.  I got some amazing presents (yes, I realize that's not the point of Christmas), and I hope everyone liked what I got for them.  It was a nice trip.  I just wonder if it’ll be a whole year before I’m home again.  Because I’d like to experience some nicer weather if I'm going to be back in the Mitten.

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