Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Harry Potter Challenge Day 19

Books or Films?

Courtesy of Tumblr
Yet again, how is this even a question?!  While I give a lot of credit to the films for being very representative, they aren’t completely the books.  And it wouldn’t be possible for that to happen because then the films would be hours and hours long.  That’s not really the way the industry works.  They like profitability.  So no mini-series for me…for now.  I really hope that’s how they do a remake in like 50 years.  BBC HP mini-series.  Ah, a girl can dream…

There have only been a few times when the movies have shined higher than the books, and it’s minute.  Harry’s scene at Aragog’s death with the pincers, that is one of them.  But overall, the books cannot be beat.  Also the movie bastardized a couple of different characters and that makes me a giant squid of anger.

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