Saturday, August 2, 2014

Harry Potter Challenge Days 2 & 3

Day 2: Favorite of the Movies 
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My favorite of the movies is probably Half-Blood Prince.  To me, it captures more of the humor of the books.  There are so many snarky and funny moments that get abandoned in translation to film. “She only likes you because she thinks you’re the chosen one.” “But I am the chosen one.” *WHACK* That’s some funny stuff, y’all.  Also the whole Hermione and McLaggen plot line is hysterical.  And Snape’s potion genius disguised in a book...not the first time that’s happened, but still so cool!  And so damn funny. The other movies miss so many of these little moments, that they basically just gave us one movie with all the really funny bits.

Day 3: Which if any of the films have made you mad because it ignored parts of the books? 

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You have to take films based on books with a grain of salt, because it isn’t going to be able to cover everything.  So while certain parts get left out, there isn’t anything that really enrages me.  But like I previously mentioned, the lack of Department of Mysteries stuff was a bummer.  The lack of Peeves or the backstories of the ghosts (including unrequited love and death day parties) is also a bummer.  Especially because Peeves is annoying but also a great character for added humor.  Like when McGonagall tells him how to unscrew the chandelier?  Priceless.  Also I believe that artwork is a Rowling original.

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