Friday, August 1, 2014

Harry Potter Challenge Day One

Question: What is your favorite of all the books?

Courtesy of Tumblr

My favorite book is the Order of the Phoenix, because even though Harry gets insanely moody and annoying, I absolutely love the Department of Mysteries.  I’m bummed that the movies skimmed over this part, because I find it fascinating.  When they’re running through the rotating doors and the brains in tanks and time turner room and the room that can’t be opened, I mean...omg I wanted to see this on film. If HP ever gets remade, I hope it is a mini-series with an episode just Department of Mysteries. Or a book of short stories about it. OMG JKR, please do this!!!  
But mostly I think this is where Harry really hits his stride of growing up.  Dealing with Cedric’s death and the Ministry saying he’s a liar and feeling completely unsupported by people around him, Harry is at his most vulnerable but is able to overcome it. Also, besides the obvious loss, who doesn't totally appreciate when Harry goes running after Bellatrix? He's such a BAMF.


Meredith said...

Order of the Phoenix is my favorite too! Despite the darker tone than the previous books, there's a deepening of the relationships formed throughout the series keeps things from feeling too heavy. It also shifts the focus away from Harry to explore more of the wizarding world to contextualize Harry's whole struggle. OotP is the book that takes the whole series to the next level. :)

Kara Roost said...

Goblet of Fire is mine (although in retreading the series next year so that could change! Haha). The magical shit storm really hits the fan & suddenly kids becoming adolescents have to handle adult responsibilities. And everyone really starts to see that the winds are changing & Harry isn't just a lunatic with bad luck; he's an agent of change. I also spent the list time with this book while we waited a very long time for Order to come out so I reread books 1-4 more than the latter half of the series.

Alexandra Mitchell said...

Meredith, the shift in context of just Harry to the whole wizarding world is so important. So I definitely agree, this one launches it to a higher caliber.

Kara, GoF is my second favorite especially because of the challenges. I wanted to see the maze creatures represented and was so bummed it didn't happen! When Harry gets flipped upside down or faces the Sphinx, just epic! And I also had more time with the first four, since I got them all in one.