Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Harry Potter Challenge Day 5

Favorite Male Character
Courtesy of Tumblr
I really like Sirius and Lupin.  Sirius perseveres going to prison, and we aren’t talking Martha Stewart prison, this is some super super max shit going on...anyway, he goes there, and everyone thinks he betrayed his friends which resulted in their murder, and all he wants is to support his godson and clear his name.  He had a family that loathed what he became and the people he was friends with, and wanted nothing to do with him.  And he just kept trucking along.  Being a little shit, but doing good in the world.  Lupin, arguably, had it even harder.  Because every month, he fucking loses his shit and has no control over it.  He won’t be able to know what he’s done because he is quite unbelievably not himself.  That is some serious life suck.  But he comes out of it, he becomes a teacher (well for a year), and lives to fight on with his bad self.  Also, he snags a super hot/awesome/badass wife who is clearly my role model for existence (besides Hermione). These two guys are the best father figures Harry could ask for, but they get destroyed by war. I tear up every time I see Harry's reaction to Sirius falling away. Dan Radcliffe can freaking act, people!

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